Five reasons to prune your trees regularly:

- The most obvious benefit of pruning to the passerby or the homeowner will be
improved aesthetics.  Simply removing deadwood from a tall fir, for example, or thinning a maple,
can greatly improve the look of the tree.  Visibility into the trunk of the tree increases which
provides a greater appreciation of the tree’s overall form.  

Promotion of healthy growth – All pruning activities include elimination of dead, diseased,
dying and crossing branches, which can become entry sites for pests, diseases and cavities.  A
small percentage of healthy, live branches dispersed throughout the canopy may be removed to
decrease the likelihood of failure due to excess weight or wind resistance.

Safety – Removing “hangers” (branches no longer attached to the tree that have yet to fall to the
ground) and deadwood provides the greatest safety benefits to the nearby environment.  Trees 50
feet in height and greater that are near a building or high-traffic area should be climbed and
inspected for health and safety flaws every 5 to 10 years.  
Oak Tree
Clearance – As a tree matures, lower branches can begin to
encroach on our homes, driveways, streets and sidewalks.  
Lifting the lower canopy of a tree by removing the lowest
branches provides adequate clearance and prevents property

Increased property value
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Tree Service Portland
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