Tree Health Inspections

Large and small trees alike can
suffer from a multitude of
diseases, pests and structural
flaws.  For The Love Of Trees
recommends that trees 50 feet in
height and greater that are near
a building or high-traffic area
should be climbed and
inspected for health and safety
flaws every 5 to 10 years.  Trees
this large often suffer limb
breaks producing hangers, or
limbs that are no longer attached
to the tree but simply hanging by
another branch.  These hangers
are dangerous to people and
structures below and often aren't
discovered until a tree is
inspected.  The same is true for
major trunk flaws or other health
issues. If you are concerned
about the general health of a
tree, do no hesitate to call us to
schedule an appointment.
This Lawson Cypress (AKA Port Orford cedar) looks to be in good health from
afar (left), but a closer look (right) reveals a fungus, most likely from root rot.
Lawson Cypress
Lawson Cypress Fungus
Douglas Fir Windthrow
Douglas fir, roughly 100 feet tall, blown down by windstorm.
Choose from the services listed below for details explaining why you may require a service, and the technique involved.
Tree Service Portland
Tree Service Portland
Tree Service Portland
Tree Service Portland
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