Tree Removal

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Tree Removal

Although For The Love Of Trees aims to preserve trees and shrubs, tree removals are sometimes necessary. Storm damage, root damage, disease, insect infestation, construction or death can compromise the structural integrity of a tree and may warrant tree removal. It is important to get a proper diagnosis of the health and safety of the tree from a professional. We offer thorough analysis to determine whether a tree needs to be taken out and the best technique to safely perform the removal.

In an urban setting, tree removals often occur near structures and public areas that need to be carefully considered for the planning of the removal. Our arborists employ advanced rigging techniques to remove trees in a controlled manner, minimizing the risk to people and properties. For The Love Of Trees routinely performs tree removals of all sizes safely and efficiently.

You may choose to have the entire trunk removed with the stump cut low near ground level, or to leave a standing habitat pole that provides valuable habitat to birds, insects and fungi. We offer stump grinding as an optional service. For more information on stump grinding, click here.

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