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Urban Trees Reduce Noise Pollution

March 19, 2024 By ,

In an urban center, the sounds of traffic, construction, and industry can be heard at all times. 65% of Oregon’s population live in urban centers and are subject to these increased noise levels. The hard, flat surfaces of a built urban environment reflect, rather than absorb, sound waves, creating a cacophony of manmade noise that is stress inducing and potentially... Read More

Tree Highlight: Giant Sequoia

February 8, 2024 By ,

The giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) is the most massive tree on earth. This majestic evergreen tree is native to the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada, but also grows in the Portland area. The giant sequoia is also known for its longevity. Some giant sequoias alive today were already 1800 years old when Columbus reached America! Giant Sequoia Growth Habit... Read More

Tree Highlight: Incense Cedar

February 9, 2023 By

Incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens) can be found growing in a wide variety of natural habitats, from wet streamside riparian habitats to dry mountainside habitats. Its native range encompasses mixed conifer forests on the east side of Mt. hood, south through Oregon and down to California. Due to its tolerance for a wide variety of growing conditions, incense cedar can also... Read More

Western Red Cedar Stress

October 13, 2022 By

Western red cedars are one of our favorite native trees of Oregon and they seem to be in trouble. Western red cedars have been showing signs of stress in pockets throughout the Willamette Valley and across the Pacific Northwest in recent years. The alarming decline of these important trees is being investigated by officials. Although the cause has not been... Read More

Tree Highlight: Dogwoods

April 20, 2022 By ,

Dogwood trees begin to bloom in April in the Portland area. Many bloom before they leaf out, spotlighting the showy ‘petals’. Dogwoods (Cornus spp.) are a favorite deciduous garden plant in the Portland area, as seen in the multitude of dogwood species and varieties grown here. The variety of dogwoods boast a wide range of color, bract shape, branching habit,... Read More

Tree Highlight: Western Redcedar

January 7, 2022 By

The western redcedar, or western red cedar, (Thuja plicata) is one of our favorite trees. Its swooping branches support flat sprays of scale-like needles, making it an easily identifiable conifer in the Willamette Valley. The western redcedar is native to the Pacific northwest and plays an important role in our local ecosystem and history. The western redcedar is not a... Read More

Species Highlight: Bigleaf Maple

August 20, 2020 By ,

Visitors to Oregon are awed by the enormous leaves of our Oregon maple Acer macrophyllum. The tree is native to the Pacific Northwest and is commonly called the bigleaf maple due to the huge size of its deciduous leaves. The bigleaf maple boasts the largest leaves of any maple tree, with its 5 lobes stretching up to 12 inches across.... Read More

Shade Trees

July 23, 2020 By , ,

When our mild Portland temperatures turn hot in late summer, a well-placed shade tree can significantly reduce the temperature of shaded homes and outdoor gathering areas. Shade trees cool by deflecting heat instead of absorbing it and by releasing water vapor from the undersides of their leaves. If you would like enjoy the benefits of more shade in your yard,... Read More

Species Highlight: Oregon White Oak

June 10, 2020 By ,

There are Oregon white oak trees growing in the Willamette valley today that were growing long before European settlement of our area. The Oregon white oak in the photograph above is around 200 years old and grows at Graham Oaks Nature park in Wilsonville. The Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana) is native to Oregon and is important to the ecosystem... Read More

Species Highlight: Flowering Cherry

March 18, 2020 By , ,

Against the grey spring Portland sky, flowering cherry trees explode with blooms in a breathtaking spring spectacle.  The fluttering petals, bright white and pink colors, and frilly textures of the flowering cherry are noticed from a distance against the stark backdrop of mostly bare deciduous trees and dark green evergreens. All across the Portland area, flowering cherry trees bloom in... Read More