Seasonal Tree Care Tips: Fall

October 23, 2017 By

Below are the fall tree care recommendations from For The Love Of Trees’ staff of ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) Certified Arborists.

Remove dead or diseased wood before the winter storm season sets in. Dead wood is easier to identify when the leaves are still on deciduous trees because dead wood does not produce leaves.

Clearance prune trees while the leaves remain on the trees. The arborists can most properly judge branch clearance from structures while the branches are weighed down with foliage.

Hazard prune trees before the winter storm season sets in.  Removing narrow crotches and rubbing branches reduces injury to trees and breakage caused by wind and snow. On rare occasions, thinning a canopy more heavily to reduce wind resistance is advised.

Plant container and balled and burlapped trees. Planting young trees now allows the root system to become established over the winter before the growing season begins in the spring.

Prune hedges in the fall to enjoy their pruned shape for the longest period of time before the next spring/summer growing season.

Let fallen leaves and needles stay as they lay where practical, otherwise rake up and compost fall leaves and fruit. When left in place, fall leaves are a great mulch layer. But heavy, wet leaves left on turf can kill the grass, and leaves from trees suffering from foliar blights can help spread the disease.

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