Canopy shade of tree

Stroll Among The Trees At Tryon Creek

June 28, 2018 By , ,

Warm summer weather draws us outside for a stroll under the cool, shaded canopy of trees. The forested acres of Tryon Creek State Natural Area provide the perfect nearby respite from the heat. Once you enter the 658 forested, serene acres in southwest Portland, it is hard to believe that you are in the middle of a large city, mere minutes from downtown Portland.

Tryon Creek State Natural Area’s lush acres of trees grow on the steep hillsides along Tryon creek, which winds through the park, spanned by eight foot bridges.

The park boasts eight miles of trails of varying difficulty that bring you up close to several species of these trees.

Over twenty species of trees can be found in this second-growth forest including western redcedar, western hemlock, Oregon white oak, and the bigleaf maple. The sunlight filtering through the large leaves of the bigleaf maple trees (seen above) can be enjoyed on the Maple Ridge, Center and Big Fir trails.

The upper and lower loops of the Trillium trail provide a leisurely stroll along a paved path with native plant interpretive signs along the trail.  This interpretive sign highlights the common snowberry.

This vine maple grows in the understory and captures the sunlight that makes it through the upper canopy on the upper loop of the Trillium trail.

In addition to the natural offerings of the park, there is a nature center with interpretive displays and park information. The nature center hosts a busy schedule of programs including environmental education, volunteer events, and guided hikes led by park rangers. To plan your shaded stroll among the trees of Tryon Creek State Natural Area, visit the Friends of Tryon Creek’s website for directions and event schedule.